I have a problem with bad breath

I have an ongoing problem with bad breath. It seems that I often have a bad smell, even when I brush daily. Do you have any recommendations that could help me out?

~Bobby in Tennessee


Bad breath is a common problem and there are many possible reasons for it. Even though you brush, a bad smell in your mouth is usually caused by bacteria.

Keep up with brushing your teeth. But I would also be sure to floss your teeth on a daily basis. If you are still having issues then you can purchase a tongue cleaner.

There are some popular products on the market to help with bad breath. You could give BreathRx a try. You can find it at many stores or by contacting your dentist.  Also, there are special rinses and toothpastes that are very powerful.

Routine preventative dental care will also help with any buildup that has accumulated on your teeth. We recommend visiting the dentist twice a year to have your teeth professionally cleaned. Don’t put off going to the dentist. It can be a comfortable experience. We are a Lafayette dentist with in-room televisions and massage chairs that make for an overall welcoming atmosphere.

Good luck.

My temporary crown fell off

I have a temporary crown that fell off. Will anything reactivate it, like toothpaste or Vaseline? 

Nadia from California 


It is important to get the temporary crown back in place as soon as possible. A tooth that has been exposed for several days can get damaged. Your teeth could also drift together which will mean that the permanent crown will not fit. When that happens, you will have to start the crown preparation process all over again. It is possible that your dentist could charge more for that since you need to start completely over.

Toothpaste or Vaseline will not work to hold the temporary crown in place. Give your dentist a call. Under most circumstances, they will take responsibility and re-cement the temporary crown for you. This is the best way to go.

If you can’t get into see your dentist, there are other options.

Superglue is a possibility. Be careful though, this could complicate the final treatment. The superglue may present problems in cleaning it off the tooth later. So only use superglue if your dentist says it’s okay.

Denture adhesive is another option that can hold it in place pretty well. Or most drug stores carry temporary dental cement to help replace the temporary crown.

Good luck. I would start by calling the dentist that placed the crown in the first place since they know the most about your specific circumstance.  

For more information read about dental crowns. Or read about CEREC crowns that are done in only one appointment and do not require a temporary crown.