CEREC crown to fix broken front tooth

My dentist used the CEREC crown method to fix my broken front tooth. I was sold on this crown in a day procedure since I was told it was a permanent solution requiring only one visit to the dentist. I had a trip out of town right after my appointment and when I arrived at my destination, the crown came off. I panicked and found a dentist while I was away to put the crown back in place. The dentist I saw was familiar with the CEREC technology and felt that the bond was faulty. Apparently it was not bonded to the crown properly. So when I returned home, I went to visit my dentist that originally placed the crown, after five days. He was apologetic and offered to redo the entire treatment. I’m wondering if my dentist is not as experienced as some cosmetic dentists.
The current crown I have appears to be a bit longer than my other front tooth. Also, the color isn’t a perfect match. It looks a bit lighter. I am supposed to go back to my dentist to determine the next course of action. Are there any risks to my other teeth since the second dentist bonded it back on? I’m concerned and wondering if my dentist should repeat the procedure or if I should go with the traditional crown method requiring multiple trips to the dentist. Any insight would be welcome.
-Patty from Virginia


Without being able to see your tooth, it is hard for me to give you specific action items.

A crown on a front tooth is difficult to match perfectly. If the tooth that is broken is one of your two front teeth then the coloring sometimes takes a lot of manipulation to get a perfect match. A CEREC crown is manufactured from the factory from a single batch of ceramic. It requires the skill of a true cosmetic dentist to get the staining just right.

It sounds like your dentist did the right thing in offering to repair the crown. It may be time to seek a second opinion from an expert cosmetic dentist in order to get the beautiful, seamless result you want.

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Discolored baby teeth


I have a question about my four year old son. His front teeth have become discolored. Should I be worried? Is there anything I can do to help them regain their normal color? Will making changes in his diet help?

– Leslie from Texas

Dear Leslie,

A child’s teeth are so small at that age that there really isn’t anything I would recommend that seems practical. Diet will not affect the color and chances are that his baby teeth are already starting to loose their roots. Therefore, if the discolored teeth you are referencing are actually his front teeth then doing any cosmetic work may cause them to grow loose before they are ready. I would just wait it out until they come out. It may be a few more years before the permanent teeth are ready.

You can see a pediatric dentist that specializes in the dental health of children for more information.

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