My daughter broke her front tooth off

My nine-year-old daughter had an accident last night. She fell down and broke one of her upper front teeth and the other one in front is cracked. When we took her into the dentist today, we were told that they don’t have any time to fix it right now and that we need to wait a few weeks. This is not sitting well with me because I think she should be able to have it fixed right away. The dentist made it sound like there was no rush because the root needs to be able to desensitize. Do you think we need to wait or can I take her somewhere else?

– Gina from Nevada


There should not be any reason to wait to get your daughter’s tooth repaired. If you can find the broken off piece you can find an experienced cosmetic dentist and they should be able to repair it for you.

Make sure you visit an expert cosmetic dentist and not just a general dentist. The re-attachment of this kind of situation will require someone with true artistic ability to match the other front tooth. The truth is that 98% of general dentists will not be able to do this.

If you can’t locate the missing part of the tooth, then a dental bond will work to fix the broken tooth since she is so young. When she is older it may need to have a single dental crown placed due to the size of the pulp. This all depends on the extent of the damage.

Best of luck.

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My root canal still hurts

It has been four days since my root canal treatment and it still hurts. I have taken Motrin three times a day for the pain and I am also taking the antibiotic that the dentist prescribed. Is it normal that I still have pain? How long will it be like this?

-Tom in Nebraska


Actually it is not uncommon for their to be some pain or discomfort after a root canal. The process of cleaning the inside of the tooth can push some of the infection through the tissue that is connected to the jawbone. The procedure was probably done properly, but when this tissue is irritated or becomes inflamed it can be very sore and sensitive. You may even experience some swelling in the tooth socket. This means that biting may be extremely painful and can actually increase the inflammation.

Sometimes it takes awhile for the tooth to get better, but if you think it is getting worse you need to contact your dentist. Often times this tooth will need a dental crown after a root canal. You may have to go back into the dentist to have it checked out so you can recover comfortably. Ask about sedation dentistry if you are nervous to have it treated again.

This post was provided by Lafayette dentist Theriot Family Dental Care.