Child’s baby teeth won’t fall out

I have a child that is six years old now. His permanent teeth have erupted and are in, but the baby teeth won’t fall out. They haven’t even begun to get loose yet. What do I do? Do I wait for them to get loose or do I have them extracted? I have been putting it off because I figured they would eventually fall out.

– Tina from Nebraska


If they are not loose and you cannot get them out yourself, then it’s time to take him into the dentist. If the permanent teeth are in, the baby teeth can affect the way the permanent teeth are developing.

Good luck.

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Have I been overtreated?


I wanted to have my teeth whitened and my dentist did dental bonding on my front teeth. I just moved to a new area and my bonding has already chipped. My new dentist said that I need to have bleaching done inside my teeth because they are stained from the interior. Or he said porcelain crowns are a possibility. I’m confused and was wondering if I have any other options?

– Sarah in Wyoming


It sounds as if your dentist may not be the most informed on cosmetic dentistry practices. Cosmetic dentistry truly is an art and it takes an expert. I advise you to search for a qualified cosmetic dentist. If you need to drive a couple hours, it will be worth it in the long run to have it done correctly.

It is hard for me to provide recommendations based on what you have described. Ideally, I would recommend scheduling a consultation with a cosmetic dentist that will be able to make a recommendation first hand. A question for you, do you have root canal treatments on these teeth that were bonded? If the color seems to be the only issue, a dental crown would not be the recommended treatment plant. This is because for a crown, your teeth needs to be ground down which is not necessary to correct the color. You don’t want to have your teeth ground down if it is not absolutely essential. In regard to internal teeth bleaching, this is a big clue that your dentist is not familiar with cosmetic dentistry. Bleaching whitens the outside of your teeth, not the inside.

Depending on your specific situation, teeth bleaching or porcelain veneers would be the way to go. I hope this answers your questions. Anything other than this, would make me suspect that the dentist is over-treating you.

Good luck.

This post is sponsored by Lafayette dentist Theriot Family Dental Care.