Another tooth infection

I think I have another tooth infection on a root canal I had done several years ago. The dental crown that goes over the root broke inside the root. Now all that is left is this hole and I’m suffering from serious pain! I also am having bleeding in the hole when I tried to replace the tooth. Do you think this is another tooth infection? It hurts and throbs on my gum both inside and out. Sometimes it even feels like the pain is radiating up into my right check. Do I need an antibiotic? Should I get in to see my dentist? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

– Kristi from Kansas,


It is hard to understand exactly the issue you are experiencing based on the description you provided. Although, based on where the pain seems to be coming from, it does sound like you may have a tooth infection. Schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

If an old root canal is exposed, the cement that holds it in place can deteriorate. Over time saliva can break it down and this leaves your tooth vulnerable to infection again. This may be the case for you. During a root canal procedure a temporary filling is put in place for protection. If the temporary fails or if your permanent filling or dental crown breaks then the material is exposed to saliva and food particles. I would consider this a dental emergency in that you need to get to your dentist within a couple days before the infection reoccurs.

In regard to the description of your pain, it is possible that the pain can migrate to your eye or even all the way to your brain. This is very serious and can even be life threatening. Also, antibiotics can help control the infection, but the medication alone will not heal the infection. The tooth must be treated otherwise the infection will likely come back and may build an immunity to the antibiotic. Root canals are very serious and require immediate attention.

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Crowns keep coming off!

Have you heard of dental crowns that keep coming off? It seems that within a week or two of my husband getting the crowns re-cemented, they keep coming off. The dentist keeps saying that there is nothing more that can be done. Do you know if it is the glue that is being used or what could possibly be causing this to happen?

– Lynn in New Mexico

Dear Lynn,

I would highly recommend that you get another opinion since it should not be that difficult to get a crown to stay in place. When a crown is done correctly, it is rare that it would fall off and need to be reapplied.

Most likely, the cause of the problem is in the initial tooth preparation phase. If the tooth becomes too tapered, the dentist may run into problems. I would recommend an experienced cosmetic dentist that is familiar with appropriate bonding technology. The bonding agents used today should be able to correct this issue for your husband. You should not have to be dealing with this problem. Good luck in finding a cosmetic dentist that can take care of it once and for all.

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