Do dental implants erode bone?

I’ve heard that dental implants can cause bone erosion, but my dentist says it’s the best option. I’m 59 years old and about to have my first tooth extraction. I wonder if I should have a dental bridge instead. What do you think?

Karen D. from Maumelle, AR


Actually, dental implants are what help prevent bone erosion. That is one of the reasons your dentist is saying it is the best option. When a tooth is removed, your body begins reabsorbing the minerals used in the bone to use elsewhere. After a period of time you’ll have no bone left in that area. When an implant is placed, it signals to your body that those minerals are still needed.

I hope that helps clear it up for you.

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Sensitive Crown

I’ve received my first dental crown. It has been sensitive for almost a month now. My dentist says there is nothing to worry about. Is she right?

Caleb A. from Indiana


In all likelihood your dentist is right. It is not uncommon for dental crowns to be sensitive for several weeks afterward. However, it should be staying close to the same or getting better. If they get worse, that would be a sign that something is wrong.

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This blog is brought to you by Lafayette dentist Dr. John Theriot.