Put off work for too long

I’ve needed dental work done for some time, but I am terrified of being in that stupid chair. Someone told me I could get knocked out for the work so I wouldn’t have to face it. Is that true.

Sincerely, An admitted coward from Georgia

Dear Coward,

You are not alone in your feelings about the dreaded dental chair. ¬†Fortunately, your friend is right. At our practice we allow people the option of using sedation dentistry. Many patients tell us they don’t even remember their appointment. Another benefit is that with conscious sedation you can have much more work done in one sitting. So, it is possible, depending on the amount, to get all of your neglected dental work done in one appointment.

Many dentists who offer sedation dentistry are sensitive to the anxiety their patients have. Be assured at our office we would never chastise or make you feel guilty for not having regular cleanings.

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