Will insurance cover implants?

I have been using partial dentures, but they make me gag a little. Plus, eating isn’t the same. I think I need dental implants. Because of these problems, will I be able to get my medical insurance to cover it?

Francis- Dallas, TX


You’ve brought up some of the common problems with dentures– they are uncomfortable and you immediately lose about 50% of your chewing capacity. Dental implants are a great solution. They look, feel, and function just like your own natural teeth. The most important benefit, however, is they protect you from facial collapse.

Unfortunately, there is little chance that your medical insurance will cover the implants. Most medical insurance plans have specific exclusions for any kind of dental work.  You didn’t mention if you had dental insurance. You may be able to get your dental insurance to cover part of the implants.  It won’t eat all your cost, but any little bit helps.

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Pain after filling

I had a white filling placed several months ago. There was some extra filling material left that was uncomfortable to me, so after about a month I went back to have it trimmed off. Since then, I have been in a lot of pain. I went back in and my dentist said it was just irritation and it would get better. Except it is not getting better. I can’t eat anything without a lot of pain. Can you help me?

Sandy M.- New Mexico


I recommend you go see an endodontist. It sounds like you might need a root canal treatment. Though it is not uncommon to have some soreness after a filling, it would be getting better not worse. Sometimes it takes a long time to get better, but it is alway progressing. Yours seems to be digressing, which to me indicates there is an infection.

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