My dentist said my problems are because I chew like a cow

I got two cerec crowns on my back teeth. One of them is fine, but the other hurts very much whenever I chew.  I went back to my dentist twice. He’s re-adjusted the crown, but it still hurts. I called him this evening and he told me that he thinks it is because of how I chew.  He said, looking at my teeth, it seems like I chew like a cow and that is what is hurting. Outside of being offended that he called me a cow, I just don’t believe him.  If that was the case, wouldn’t my teeth have hurt before I had crowns.  My “cow chewing” wouldn’t have just started. Could the problem be they are cerec crowns? I’ve never had those before.

Alison J.- Little Rock


Well, I don’t recommend comparing a woman and a cow in any way…no matter how distant the comparison.  Mind that any advice I give is without examining you, but I am pretty confident.

I don’t think the problem has anything to do with it being a CEREC crown. Because they are milled by a computer, there is actually less of a chance the crown design is faulty. In general there are two reasons for a painful crown when chewing:

  • The bite is too high. If the crown isn’t seated correctly it can cause pain in biting, because the crown is being hit before the other teeth.  You mentioned that your dentist has already looked at the crown a couple of additional times. Unless he is a complete moron, he would have caught a high seated crown. I wouldn’t think that is the problem.
  • There could be an infection. When you have an infection, often the ligament that connects your tooth to the jawbone becomes inflamed. This makes the tooth tender when you’re chewing. This is likely the culprit. An x-ray can confirm my suspicion.  You may need to go to a root canal specialist if you’re dentist doesn’t have great diagnostic skills, because it isn’t always easy to see an infection on an x-ray.  You’ll have to determine yourself whether you want to try your dentist.  You might start with him and then if he can’t tell take the x-ray to an endodontist for a second opinion.

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Temporary Crowns falls off every day

My temporary crown has fallen off three times this week.  I called my dentist and they say to use denture adhesive, but I must be doing it wrong, because it keeps falling off. What should I do?

Susan K.- Kentucky


In my opinion, your dentist should take responsibility for recementing your crown. However, if he or she doesn’t, you can usually get some temporary dental cement to help it stay on.

For future reference, if you ever need another crown, there are CEREC crowns that you can get in just one appointment. This will keep you from even needing a temporary crown. You will have to go to a dentist that uses CEREC technology though.  If you like your current dentist, you can still go to him or her for cleanings and just get your crowns done elsewhere.

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