What if I hate my new implants

I kept hearing how great dental implants are. My dentist kept promising it would just like having my natural teeth. ¬†While it feels like having my natural teeth, it doesn’t look like that. My implant teeth look very fake. I spoke with my dentist about it, but she told me they were fine and that given time I will feel that way too. I don’t agree, but don’t know if there is anything I can do about it. I went to this dentist because she was less expensive than the others I had looked at. Maybe that was a mistake.

Brooke L. – Virginia


I am always disappointed when I hear a dentist trys to talk a patient into liking the way their cosmetic work looks. It is a sign they are not skilled in cosmetic dentistry. I don’t think it is the low price that made the implant crowns look fake, but your dentist’s lack of skill with cosmetic dentistry.

It is possible to get affordable dental implants and still have them look natural. That will vary depending on the artistic ability of the dentist. I would ask what makes them so affordable.

Unfortunately, if you aren’t happy with the way the implants look, the only way to fix that is to get new implant crowns. I wouldn’t use the same dentist if that is what you want to do.

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Differences in dental implant pricing

I’ve been calling around different dental clinics. There are very different amounts that dentists charge. Once clinic was $5000.00 cheaper than the average. Another was significantly above. Do I just pick someone in the middle?

Amelia L. – Idaho Falls


I wouldn’t spend my time with researching pricing, as much as I would their dental implant training. That would be much more important than how much they charged. There are large numbers of dental implant horror stories.

However, that being said, I can give you some general guidance when it comes to finding affordable dental implants.

Make sure you don’t confuse cheap with affordable. If someone has significantly lower prices than the average dentist, it is very likely they are using sub-standard materials.

If that is the case, you will likely have a dental implant failure case that not only costs you more than if you just got more expensive implants in the beginning. You also risk serious infection and even worse complications.

This blog is brought to you by Lafayette Dentist Dr. John Theriot.