The problem with one size fits all dentistry

I moved to a new city and went to a recommended dentist for the first time today. It was a very disappointing and sometimes frightening experience. People were moving everyone in and out quickly. The dentist worked fast and hard, but the appointment was painful, something I had never experienced before. Do I say something or look for another dentist? How do I ensure I’ll get a more persoanable approach?

Melissa L. – Phoenix, AZ


There is nothing worse than feeling like an item on a conveyor belt when you’re going in for health care, especially if the warehouse ends up being painful.

You could try talking to him, but if he is a cookie-cutter dentist who is just trying to get as many patients through his office as possible, you probably won’t get very far. In fact, he might be so busy trying to move everyone through that he never really hears you. However, it doesn’t hurt to try.

If you find that this office isn’t for you, you’ll want to look for a dentist who is more personable. Sometimes, dentists who like to tailor their dental care to the needs of the individual patient will advertise as a “Cater to Cowards” dentist. However, there are many other dentist who don’t advertise that who are just as sensitive to their patient’s needs.

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A warning about trying to find the cheapest dental implants.

A colleague of mine was telling me about a new patient that he’s been helping out of a difficult situation. She needed some dental implants, but couldn’t afford them.  She did what many people in her situation would to, and instead of waiting and saving up or temporarily using a different treatment option, she called around to find the cheapest dentist. She tought she’d be saving $10,000, but it ended up costing her significantly more in money, pain, and jawbone.

The dentist giving her the discount was not qualified to do the procedure and made several mistakes, including implanting one of the fixtures in her nasal cavity.

Worse than that was him using what could only be described as broken and unsanitary fixtures.  The infection got so bad that she was hospitalized. It took some serious antibiotics, along with the removal of part of her jaw to save her life.

Let me assure you. If you need dental implants but can’t afford them, please don’t look for the cheapest implants and try to save money that way.  There are ways to get more affordable dental implants without risking your health. It’s best to talk to your dentist about your circumstances.

This blog is brought to you by Lafayette Dentist Dr. John Theriot.