Wisdom tooth swelling

I have a wisdom tooth that has only come in part way. It’s  swelling pretty bad. I don’t have a dentist. Is there something I can do to get the swelling to go down on my own?

Janet A. – Colorado


If it is coming out properly and has become inflammed, it is possible you have perisoronitis. That is just a big word for food being stuck underneath the gum. If it is not attended to, then it will get infected.

If it has been inflammed for a while, then it may already be infected.  Another possibility is that your wisdom tooth isn’t coming in properly. Either way it needs to be looked at. There are dentists who will see people who aren’t patients of record in cases of emergencies like yours.  I’d do an internet search for an emergency dentist in your area and let them know what is going on with your wisdom tooth. Some of them can see you that day.

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Can’t CEREC crowns match your tooth?

I’ve had dental crowns before and they’ve always matched my tooth. My new dentist has the machine that does a cerec crown. I love the fact that it is just one appointment and I don’t need a temp crown, but it doesn’t quite match my other teeth. Is that a natural drawback of these type of crowns?

Andrew L. – Austin, TX


No, they should match your teeth, just like your previous dental crowns. If for some reason it is not, the problem lies with your dentist, not with the CEREC crown.

The dentist is responsible for making sure he’s got the color combinations right. If it’s no matching properly, the thing to do would be to speak with your dentist about it and have him re-do your crown.

This blog is brought to you by Lafayette Dentist Dr. John Theriot.