Is my dentist lying because the other dentist is cheaper?

I need to get dental implants. My dentist told me his price and it was more than I wanted to pay so I started calling around. He also said I needed bone grafting which is a lot more money.  I found someone who is quite a bit less expensive by thousands of dollars. This other dentist does something called an all for four and doesn’t need grafting. When I told my dentist about it he said that it doesn’t exist and I’m being taken for a ride. What do you think?

Emily B. – Washington


I’m going to suggest you go to neither of these dentists. Let’s start with your dentist. I don’t know why he told you the procedure doesn’t exist. It does. The name you used is wrong, but it’s close enough to the actual procedure that your dentist should have known about it.  The actual procedure is call all on four. So, either your dentist is incompetent and isn’t familiar with a well known technique, or he is extraordinarily petty. Either way, I wouldn’t want him as my caregiver.

Before you jump into a decision with the other denitst, I want you to do some more research. I know you’re looking for affordable dental implants, and several thousand dollars off sounds like a great idea. However, there are some dangers. I know it can avoid some costly bone grafting, but if your jawbone is missing that bone structure, it is in your best interest to get it.

The all on four procedure  has a higher failure rate than other dental implant techniques. If even one implant fails, you’ll have to have the whole thing re-done.

This is an important procedure, that will affect your quality of life for the rest of your life. You want to make sure it is done well. You can still have affordable along with  quality, but you want to take your time and make the decision of your implant dentist carefully.

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Why did my child throw up with nitrous?

My son needed some dental work done. My dentist thought it would be best to give him nitrous oxide because he has trouble sitting still. However, we weren’t long into the appointment when he threw up his entire pancake breakfast. He stayed nauseated the entire day and was completely miserable. Is this normal?

Emma T. – Nashville


Some children can feel a little nauseated with sedation dentistry., but it usually passes very shortly after the gas is off. Your dentist should have told you to try to not feed your child before the procedure as it could make any potential nausea worse.

I’m a little concerned that you’ve said it lasted an entire day.  I think you should follow up, because that is not normal. At the most, it should only have lasted a few hours.

Sedation dentistry is very safe, but it sounds like your dentist didn’t go over the basics with you, which makes me concerned he didn’t get a thorough health history.

This blog is brought to you by Lafayette Dentist Dr. John Theriot.