An implant for every tooth would bankrupt me

I’m losing all my teeth. It’s my fault. I didn’t take care of them. I regret it now, especially when I learned how much it would cost to get a dental implant for every tooth. I don’t have that much in my entire retirement savings. I don’t know what to do. Do I just pick some front teeth for appearance and some back for eating and leave the rest gone? This is a mess!

Stan W. – Fayetteville, AR


Did your dentist tell you about the other options you have in dental implants?  You don’t have to get one implant for every tooth. That is considered the “cadillac” of dental implant treatments. The next step would be an implant overdenture. That lets you place a few implants and secure them to a denture. It is a more affordable dental implant option than what your dentist mentioned, but is very secure.

There are other options too. I would speak to your dentist about the budget you have and see which treatment option works best for you.

Ethically, your dentist should have told you all the options himself and not made you go searching.

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I’d rather be impaled than go to the dentist

Every time I go to the dentist it feels like I’m being impaled over and over again. I’d rather just get really impaled and get it over with.  Why can’t dentists do a pain free appointment?

Ellie G. – Pennsylvania


I’m sorry for the pain you’ve been experiencing. Some dentists are more gentle than others. Have you tried a different dentist to see if it is any easier with someone else?  If so, and it’s painful no matter where you go, there is a solution.

Some patients are more sensitive than others to pain. Others have a pretty serious dental anxiety. In both these cases I suggest sedation dentistry.

This will allow you to have a completely pain free appointment.  Not every dentist does sedation, so you may have to call around. You’ll want someone who does oral conscious sedation. It’s so strong, you may not even remember the appointment. Plus, there is the bright side of not having to commit suicide by impaling yourself.

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