Tired of my dentist

I have a good dentist, but lately I’ve been having to go in a lot. I’m getting a little sick of seeing him.  I jokingly mentioned it to my denitst when he told me I needed another crown. He mentioned he’s got something new called a cerec machine. He said it would mean I could see him one day less. Not that I don’t trust him, but wanted to get second opinion from someone who lives too far away for me to see as an actual patient.

Carol B. – Minnesota


Yes, Dr. Theriot would definitely be quite a drive for you to have an appointment with. To put your mind at ease, CEREC crowns works just as well as traditional crowns. They’re often more accurately milled because they are computer generated.

I’m glad you and your dentist have such a great relationship. It makes for much more pleasant appointments.  Don’t be hesitant to ask your dentist for information on a procedure. He’d very likely to give you as much information as you need to feel comfortable with any procedure.  It’s your mouth and health.

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My husband’s a coward

My husband can kill bugs with the best of them, but if I mention the dentist, all of a sudden he has a thousand excuses. He hasn’t been since we’ve gotten married six years ago, which makes me wonder how long it’s been in total.  I think he’s actually hiding the fact that he is a dental coward.  Do you know of ways I can convince him to come?

Alexandra H. – Missouri


Fortunately for you, there are dentists that cater to cowards.  Let your husband know about sedation dentistry.  That is how he can have a pain free dental appointment.

It can be a light sedation, such as nitrous oxide, or as heavy as IV sedation. With nitrous oxide, it will relax him.  With oral sedation or IV sedation, he likely won’t even remember the appointment at all.

Let him read about those options and see if it helps.

This blog is brought to you by Lafayette Dentist Dr. John Theriot.