Should I be a dental implants practice case?

My dentist has recently received training in dental implants. He’s new to doing it in his practice and is offering to give me three dental implants at quite a significant discount. Is this a good idea or a dangerous one?

Mandy S. – Georgia


Well, that depends. All dentists have to start somewhere. Each of them had their first dental practice case at some point. Everyone also loves the idea of affordable dental implants. The fact that he’s giving you a great discount is a big plus.  Just make sure you have all the information.  Find out where he got his training to make sure it is one of the more reputable schools.

After that you just need to weigh out the risks with the benefits.  The dental implant procedure is very complicated.  There is a risk of dental implant failure even when everything is done perfectly.  When things aren’t done correctly, there are serious potential complications.  That doesn’t mean your procedure won’t go just fine,; you just need to be aware.

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Sedation Dentistry for Zoom Whitening?

I have pretty sensitive teeth. I am told that can be a bad thing to combine with zoom whitening. That being said, I really want to whiten my teeth. Is it possible to be sedated during the procedure?

Emily T. – Washington


It is true that in-office whitening, such as zoom whitening, can cause some tooth sensitivity, though it is not necessarily a given. However, because you know that ahead of time, you can take steps to make things go more comfortably for you.

Sedation dentistry is a great option for dental procedures, but whitening isn’t one of them. Instead, I would ask for your dentist to prescribe a toothpaste or rinse that can help desenitize  your teeth. Other than that, I would take a pain killer just ahead of the procedure in order to help deal with the zings that come about with whitening. Within 48 hours, the pain should be completely gone.

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$600 for ibuprofen

I had a nasty tooth ache. It was after hours, so I went to the emergency room thinking that would be my best option. Four hours later, they saw me, gave me two ibuprofen and sent me home.  I got in to see my dentist two days later. Today I got the ER bill. $600! for two pills?!  I know there is nothing to do about it, but am wondering if there is anything I can do differently in that situation. The ibuprofen didn’t help. Is there some home remedy to temporarily alleviate tooth pain until the dental clinic opens?

Sylvia S. – Memphis, TN


I’m sorry. That is a lot of money to spend for two pills, especially ineffective ones you could have gotten an entire bottle of for $4 at Walmart.

The next time you find yourself in that situation, I want you to know that you can see a dentist after hours. Most dentists will see a patient outside of normal scheduling times in an emergency situation.

Generally they will just get you out of pain and then schedule a follow up appointment to deal with the root issue. As you’ve already learned the hard (and expensive) way, the ER is a poor choice for dental problems.

This blog is brought to you by Lafayette Dentist Dr. John Theriot.