Can I drink wine before going to the dentist’s office?

I am quite the coward when it comes to going to the dentist’s office.  I get so stressed. I was trying to think of ways to try and relax before going. Is it OK to drink wine before going to the dentist’s office?

Audrey H. – Pine Bluff, AR


Be assured you are not the only one who is uncomfortable at the dentist’s office. You can, of course, drink a glass of wine before going to the dentist. Be sure to tell him, because it will affect what kind of medication (and how much) he can give you.

Fortunately, there are dentists who cater to cowards.  You won’t need the wine if you go to a dentist who performs sedation dentistry. They can make sure that you are not only perfectly relaxed, but that you experience no pain during your appointment.  If you prefer, they can give you sedation that is strong enough that you wouldn’t even remember that appointment.  It’s completely up to you what level of dentistry you want.

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A problem with cheap dental implants

Once upon a time there was a young man named Paul. He lost his front tooth during a sports injury.  He wanted to replace his tooth with a dental implant, but didn’t want to spend a lot of money.  Who can blame him?  There were three dentists in his area which did dental implants. One of them was $1000 cheaper than the other two. Guess who Paul picked?  You got it…the cheap one.

Unfortunatley for Paul, this dentist liked to cut corners.  He used cheaper abutements and take all the precautions he should have. As a result, Paul developed a serious infection, which eventually caused his implant to fail.

Now, does he not only need to deal with a serious infection in his jawbone, but he’s lost a lot of bone structure as a result.

This cheap implant is going to cost him a fortune and possibly the shape of his face.

I tell you this story to ell you that there are ways to get affordable dental implants.  What you don’t want, are cheap dental implants.

Talk to an experienced dental implant dentist about your options, before you make a decision you’ll regret.

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Dentist wants to sedate my son

My son needs some work done at the dentist. Because he’s young the dentist wants to sedate him to ensure he’ll be still during the procedure.  I think I’m OK with that. I’ve done some research and it seems safe. What bothers me is the dentist’s assistant said I won’t be able to come back with him.  I’ve always come back with him before, so I don’t under stand the change. What do I do?

Janna S. – Missouri


Sedation dentistry is safe, you are right about that.  If you’re concerned about going back with your son, I would speak to the dentist correctly, especially because they have let you back with him in the past. Generally assistants know the dentist’s policy, but it could be that she misunderstood.

If you’re concerned that your son will not be attended to at all time, you needen’t. Because heis undergoing a sedation procedure, he will be attended to at all times.

Speak to the dentist. Explain your position and concerns.  He will explain his poisition and reasoning. From there you can make the decision you feel is best for your family.

This blog is brought to you by Lafayette Dentist Dr. John Theriot.