Can I use sedation to shorten the number of appointments I need?

I’m not someone who likes leaving the house.  Seriously. I even order my groceries online. Recently, though, I had a massive toothache and had to venture into the sunlight in order to see a dentist. When she examined me, she told me that I have three massive cavities and that to save the teeth she’s going to have to do some pretty serious dental work.  She also said I had other things wrong here and there with my teeth. If I didn’t deal with them soon, then they also would become serious problems.  She was thinking it would take six different appointments. I know it probably sounds weird to you, but I just don’t fancy leaving the house that much. I got to thinking about sedation dentistry and wondered if I used that, could I do more work at a time if I let the doc dope me up? I’d like to have to only leave once.

Gerald T. –  Nebraska


I think sedation dentistry would be a brilliant solution for your situation. I can’t guarantee that you’d get it down to just one appointment, but you are certainly going to get it down to fewer appointments.

Sedation will allow the dentist to do a lot more work in one sitting than would normally be possible. It also has the benefit of making your apointment completely pain free.

Every sedation dentist does different levels of sedation. You are going to want something a bit stronger than your typical nitrous oxide.  Ask for something like oral conscious sedation or even I.V. sedation.

The only downside is you will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment.  You will be a little too loopy to get back and forth yourself.

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Emergency Dentist or Implant Dentist

I have an implant that has been bothering me.  I thought about going to the dentist on Thursday, but I put it off. Tonight, I bit down on some popcorn and felt a sharp pain. Then there was a weird taste in my mouth. When I looked there was puss surrounding the implant. I’m also worried it is a little loose.  It’s the weekend, so I’m not sure if I should see an emergency dentist or wait until Monday to talk to my implant dentist?

Melissa T. – Pennsylvania


I think the first course of action would be to contact your implant dentist. It’s likely he has a protocol for after hours emergencies. This needs to be addressed. If, byou chance, you can’t reach him, or he doesn’t do after hours, then I suggest you call an emergency dentist.

You have an infection and it needs to be dealt with. The emergency dentist can, at the least,  get you started on some antibiotics to fight the infection. He or she may also splint the tooth to try to forestall the implant from failing.

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Gums irritated after CEREC crown

I’ve had a CEREC crown for several weeks.  I’ve followed all the hygienists directions, but my gum is still irritated and bleeds every time I brush my teeth.  Is there something wrong? Is this an issue with CEREC crowns?

Julia – Tennessee


It sould be well on its way to healing  by now.  If it’s not, it’s not because it is a CEREC crown.  Are you doing salt water rinses? If not, I would add them several times a day.  If that doesn’t work I’d look at one of two possibilities.

1. There could be an infection.  Generally, this would be accompanied by pain and possibly a low grade fever.  Keep an eye out for that.

2. Another possibility is the margins of the crown are irritating your gums. If this is the case, the crown will have to be re-done.

This blog is brought to you by Lafayette, LA Dentist Dr. John Theriot.