My crown keeps falling out

I got my first dental crown. It fell out. That’s happened before a few weeks ago, but my dentist was able to put it back in quickly. This time he’s on vacation and I don’t know what to do. Can you advise?

Jessica J. – Montana


This is not normal. A dental crown shouldn’t fall out once, let alone twice. Plus, your dentist should have another dentist on call when he’s gone on vacation for emergency situations just like yours.

Because he doesn’t, I want you to call an emergency dentist . This will work out to your benefit, because at least this way you’ll get a crown that stays in.

Hopefully, you’ll like this new dentist and will have found a new one, because I’m pretty sure your old one is useless.

This blog is brought to you by Lafayette, LA dentist Dr. John Theriot.

Do CEREC crowns fall off more than others?

I had a CEREC crown placed a month ago. In that time, it has fallen off twice.  My friend Elizabeth said that she always gets regular crowns and they never fall off. Are mine falling off because they’re CEREC? It’s getting expensive getting these put back on.

Jennie L. – Oregon


No, the problem isn’t that it is a CEREC crown. In fact, CEREC crowns do just as well, if not better, than regular crowns. If you have a crown falling off, the problem is your dentist. Most dentists go their entire career without one crown falling off. I can’t imagine what your dentist is doing wrong to have it fall off twice.

I can’t believe your dentist is charging you money to fix his incompetence.  If I were in your place, I would request a refund for the “repairs”. Then I would ask him to pay for you to go to a competent dentist and have your crown bonded on.

This blog is brought to you by Lafayette, LA Dentist Dr. John Theriot.

Is it kosher to drink wine right before a dental appointment?

I am not comfortable with dentists. In fact, I’m a little bit of a coward when it comes to dentists.  Wine relaxes me.  Is it OK to have a glass before I go to the dentist?

Meagan L. – Conway, AR


You’re not the only patient who is uncomfortable with dentists. In fact, about half of Americans are.  There is a solution, without having to drink wine, which could interfere with something the dentist needs to give you.

There are dentists who cater to cowards.  Dr. Theriot is one.  When he has patients with a lot of dental anxiety, he recommends sedation dentistry.

This lets you have a completely pain free dential appointment.  In fact, many patients say they don’t even remember the procedure. The sedation’s ingredients won’t interfere with anything the dentist needs to do and is perfectly safe.  In fact, it is so safe that it is also used on children.

This blog is brought to  you by Lafayette Dentist Dr. John Theriot.