Scared of sedation, but scared of the dentist

I’m terrified of the dentist. Absolutely terrified. I’ve had friends tell me that sedation is a haven for people like me, but I’m actually scared of the idea of sedation. What if I don’t wake up?  Can you help this total coward?

Lori E. – South Dakota


You’re not alone in your fear, either of the dentist or of not waking up.  The sedation you use with a dentist is different than that of surgery. In surgery, you’re not conscious. Dental sedation, your are still conscious, but are completely pain free.

Don’t worry, even cowards can have safe, pain free dental care. In fact, dentists like Dr. Theriot cater to cowards.

One thing you can look for to put your mind at ease is the dentists sedation qualifications. For instance, Dr. Theriot is DOCS certifified. DOCS is the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation. This training assures the dentist has the training to keep you safe during the procedure.

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My implant fell out!

I don’t know what to do.  I needed dental implants. I felt they were too expensive, so I shopped around. I found someone who was significantly less expensive than the others. I was so excited!  Shortly after the procedure was completed, I noticed the implant felt loose. I went to see the dentist who told me it was fine and that was normal. But then, a few weeks later it fell out. I not sure going back to this dentist is a good idea. What do you recommend?

Janet T. – Ft. Worth, TX


I’m sorry for what you’re going through with your implants. I have often warned patients of the danger of price shopping when it comes to dental implants.  Often times it ends up costing you twice, sometimes four times as much because of the damage done by inferior work or materials.

If you want to save money with dental implants, the important thing is to get quality implants up front.  I understand that sometimes there is no way to pay all that money up front, but there are ways your dentist can work with you with low and even no interest payment plans. There are other ways of saving money on dental implants as well, while maintaining quality.

I’m afraid you’re in a situation where your implants will need to be re-done. And, unfortunately, you’re going to need bone grafting to make it possible.

Get a second opinion by a higly trained implant dentist to see what they think of your case.

This blog is brought to you by Lafayette, LA Dentist Dr. John Theriot.

Can I use sedation just because I want to?

I keep hearing how wonderful sedation dentistry is. I have never been completely comfortable in the dental chair. I asked my dentist if I can use it and he said it is only to be used for certain types of procedures. My friend had me under the impression that it could be used for dental fear too.

Marsha K. – Brooklyn


Your friend is right.  Sedation dentistry is an ideal treatment for people who have dental anxiety.  I’m not sure why your dentist is hesitant.  Maybe he doesn’t really offer the service and he’s just trying to keep you from going elsewhere.

I’d give it a try.  Call around to some other dentists and see what they offer.  I wouldn’t go with just nitrous oxide (commonly called laughing gas). It will make you loopy and relax you. But, to me it sounds like you need something just a little deeper.

I’d ask for oral conscious sedation.  All you have to do is take a pill.  But, it is so strong that you’ll need someone to drive you to and from your appointment.  You’ll be completely relaxed.  Many patients don’t even remember the appointment.

This blog is brought to you by Lafayette Dentist Dr. John Theriot.