CEREC Crown or Extraction

I have a tooth that has given me fits for a year now. My dentist now wants to put a CEREC crown on it. Wouldn’t it be better to just get rid of the tooth and get a fake one?

Djokiv – New York


Many dentists feel it is best to preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible. If you didn’t get the CEREC crown, what would you replace it with?

A dental bridge? Then you’d have to get two other crowns on each adjacent tooth.

A dental implant? That feels and functions more like having your own natural tooth, but you will need to consider that possibility of a procedural failure.

A partial denture?  The CEREC crown will be much more comfortable and stable.

I won’t tell you which to do, just to consider all the options and possibilities.

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Help! Sedation didn’t work for me

I have some dental anxiety. I avoided the dentist for a long time. Then I developed a problem. My friends knew I was in pain and that I’m a total coward about dentists. They suggested sedation dentistry. They said I’d have a dental appointment without feeling anything. Either they lied or I’m immune to sedation, because the nitrous oxide did NOTHING. Is there anything that can help me, because I still have the dental problem that needs to be dealt with. The appointment was too painful to continue, so I left.

Maggie D. – Minn.


You are not the only dental coward I’ve heard from. Before you despair, I have great news that will enable you to get the care you need.

Nitrous oxide is just meant to take the edge off mildly anxious patients. It sounds to me like you have more substantial anxiety, which is why it didn’t work.

What you need is oral conscious sedation. This is much stronger than nitrous oxide. I promise that not only will you have a pain free appointment, but you will be completely relaxed. It’s possible you won’t even remember the appointment.


This blog is brought to you by Lafayette LA Dentist Dr. John Theriot.


Serious infection after dental implants

I had several dental implants placed. I had called around to get the cheapest deal, but I think that was a mistake. Now I’ve got a serious infection. I went to get a second opinion as to what is going on,  They said the dentist put the implants directly into the sockets and that led to the infection. I’m going to have to have all the implants re-done, plus the infection is costing me additional problems. This is going to cost me a fortune. In fact, I’m going to have to take out a second mortgage.  Is the second dentist accurate? Was this caused by my first dentist?

Jeannie S. – Montana


I’m so sorry, Jeannine. Your story is not uncommon. Dental implant horror stories abound, especially in cases like yours where the  patient was looking for a good deal on dental implants.

Unfortunately, implants are an advanced, complicated procedure. Dentists who sell cheap implants often cut corners, as you’ve experienced with the dentist you went to.

It’s likely you’ll need bone grafting as well, which will cost you even more. Cheap implants are not affordable. There are ways to do implants more affordably, but still keep quality in mind, but it won’t be the cheapest you can find. As you’ve seen, that doesn’t tend to be cheap either.

This blog is brought to you by Lafayette Dentist Dr. John Theriot.