Made a HUGE mistake going to Mexico for Affordable Dental Implants

I thought I’d save $40,000 going to Mexico. I did detailed research about the dentist and even went to Mexico to meet him and check out his practice. First, the surgery took hours, and though he numbed me, he didn’t put me out at all. Then I had to wait nine months to get the implants placed. He kept saying it wasn’t ready. Now, I’ve finally got them, but I’m in a lot of pain and one of them is oozing a little. What do I do? I think I’ve made a huge mistake.

Belinda G. – Mississippi


Yep. That is a huge mistake, but take comfort in the fact that you’re definitely not the only person to make such a mistake trying to save money on dental implants. Even if you went back to Mexico and it turned out the dentist made a huge mistake in your treatment, you have no recourse. They’re on an arbitration system, which means it is up to the dentist whether he makes it right.

From what  you’ve described, you have an infection. This needs to be dealt with right away. I don’t think going back to Mexico for this is a good idea. Instead, I would see someone  who has a proven track record with dental implants here in the states.

There are better ways to get affordable dental implants.

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Is Dental Sedation the Same as Surgical Sedation?

I’ve got horrible dental anxiety. A friend suggested I get dental sedation. I talked to my dentist and he called it oral conscious sedation. I was really hoping to be out. I hate dental work. Is it different from surgical sedation?

Miranda L. – Iowa


It depends on the type of sedation dentistry you get.  Oral concious sedation, such as your dentist mentioned, will not put you out like anesthesia, but it will be pain free. Many patients fall asleep during the procedures. While you’re still conscious and can respond to your dentist, you’ll be completely relaxed.

If you want something stronger, some dentists do IV sedation. If you want that, make sure they’re DOCS certified.

Whichever procedure you decide on, you’ll never be afraid of going to the dentist again.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. John Theriot.

Need Advice About A Root Canal During Pregnancy

I’m in my second trimester. I’ve tried to have kids for years and, after four miscarriages, finally have a pregnancy that looks like it will make it.  Now I find out I need a root canal. I didn’t let my dentist do the treatment, because I was worried about the effect on my baby. I wanted to do some research first.  What do you recommend?

Dennie R. – Denver


I can understand your concern and it does show that you will be a good mother. You want to do what is best for your child, regardless of the pain it will cause you, and I’m sure you’re in pain.

Let me put your mind at ease. Especially in the second trimester it is safe for you to have a root canal treatment. In fact, it will be better for your child if you do.  There is more risk to your child if you leave the infection untreated, as it will only get worse.

Your main concerns are likely antibiotics and an x-ray.  No single x-ray will do damage to your child, but you can ask for a lead apron.  Also, there are antibiotics that are safe to use during pregnancy.

Talk to your dentist about the precautions you’d like to take. I’m sure he or she will work with you.

This blgo is brought to you by Dr. John Theriot.