Can I See An Emergency Dentist If I’m Coming Down Off Meth?

I’m coming down off of meth and realized my front tooth is loose. I don’t know what happened. If I go to an emergency dentist, will he turn me in. I usually stay away from outsiders for a while after talking it.

Name Withheld.

I’m sorry you’re having a hard time. It would be a terrible feeling not remembering what happened. I can’t tell you with a 100% certainty, but I’m pretty certain you’re safe to go to the dentist.

Most emergency dentists care about patients. That’s why they are willing to see even non-established patients after normal hours.

My suggestion would be just to make sure if you’re still high when you get there, that you have a ride home and the dentist is aware you won’t be driving under the influence of drugs.

I’d also be sure to tell him or her exactly what you’ve taken, so they are able to make sure they don’t give you anything that would have an interaction.

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Do CEREC Crowns Always Pick Up Stains?

I had a CEREC crown placed about 7 months ago.  Now it’s starting to pick up stains and looks darker than the rest of my teeth. Is it normal for CEREC crowns to pick up stains?

Gineen L. – California


No, CEREC crowns are milled from porcelain, which is quite stain resistant. I can’t be certain, because I haven’t examined your crown, but it sounds like the glaze has been removed from your crown.

You mentioned it’s been seven months. That tells me that you likely had them cleaned recently. If your dental hygienist used something like a prophy jet, it would have removed the glaze from your crowns. Then they’d begin picking up stains.

I’d talk to your dentist and have him or her look at your crown. If the glaze was removed by the hygienist, they’ll likely be willing to replace the crown for you.

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Dealing with Dental Fear After Cancer

I just finished by third round of chemotherapy and I’ve been cleared for now, but the treatment did a number on my teeth. Not only are they in the worse shape of my life, but they hurt all the time. I know I need to see a dentist, but I’m feeling like a coward right now because of how much they hurt. Is there  a way to deal with this without more pain?

Elaine K. – Delaware

I want to say first, that you are in no way a coward. You have gone through a hell on earth with your chemotherapy treatment and are still willing to face the dentist even though you are in so much pain.

Dental issues are very common after cancer treatment.  Chemotherapy can destroy your enamel, leaving you highly susceptible to decay, cause oral sores and leave your whole mouth feeling painful.


If I were in your place, I’d look for a dentist who uses dental sedation. That can give you a pain free appointment, while actually getting more than the normal amount of work done.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. John Theriot.