Dentist Abused Me While I Was Under

I went to a dentist who advertised as catering to cowards. I thought that meant he’d be compassionate. In reality, he was a jerk. The only thing he did to help with my dental fear is drug me. Unfortunately, for him, I recorded the whole session with a personal recorder I keep handy.  I have trust issues.  He spent the entire procedure saying crude things to his co-workers about me.  Here’s my dilemma. The drugs help and I need more work done. But, I will NOT go back to this dentist. Are they all the same?

Laura H. – Mississippi


What an awful experience! I’m disgusted you had to endure that. Having to listen to crude things being said about you while you were in such a vulnerable position must have felt so violating.  I want you to know in no uncertain terms that this “cater to cowards” dentist is a jerky anomaly.

Most dentists who specifically advertise to treat fearful patients do so because they care. They want to help fearful patients have positive experiences so they’re comfortable getting the dental care they need and deserve.

Do some internet research on dentists who treat fearful patients. Aside from the cater to cowards term you searched earlier, you can also look under sedation dentist.  After you make a list of dentists, I’d also check out their reviews. Sometimes reading what other’s experiences are can give you a gut feeling about someone.

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Can My Affordable Dental Implants Be Saved?

I was worried about the cost of dental implants and went to get a second opinion from a place that does all on four. They said it was the most affordable way for me to get dental implants.  They even took off a few thousand dollars to help me get within what financing I could get.  Now, they say one of the implants is failing and that means I have to replace them all. They’re also talking about bone grafting and other stuff that will cost a fortune. Am I stuck doing all these expensive procedures AND re-doing my implants?

Sandee – New Hampshire


I’m sorry for this experience. It’s unfortunate that whatever dentist you went to didn’t clarify the risks.  Though an all-on-4 procedure can cost a little less, you’re sometimes in danger of trying to save money by cutting corners. This can backfire, as you found out, because if one implant fails the whole procedure has to be re-done, at the greater expense of the patient.

Unfortunately, that’s the position you’ve been placed in.  They should have warned you this could happen. Bone grafting will be necessary as well. In order for the new implants to have support and stay where they belong, you need to build the bone structure back up.

If I were in your position, I’d get a second opinion before making any decisions. It could even be possible for the original implant to be saved. Plus, there are several ways to get affordable dental implants.

This blog is brought to you by Dr. John Theriot.