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Braces with epilepsy

Can I get braces if I have epilepsy, or will the seizures cause too much damage? I’m on both levetiracetam (keppra) and topiramate (topiragen), but still have seizures.

Luke S.- Boston


It is possible to have braces with epilespy. You just need to take some general precautions. First, make sure you tell your dentist ahead of time of both your condition as well as all medications you are on.

You are probably already aware that the medications you are on can cause your gums to bleed and become overgrown. This is also a problem with braces, so your dental hygiene will be extremely important. One of the problems with braces is plaque ¬†collecting around the brackets and bands. You’ll have to clean those areas especially well to avoid getting gum disease.

Some precautions you’ll want to take is to ask your dentist to put smaller brackets on your teeth. There could still be some minor tissue damage if you have a seizure. If that happens, you can use a salt water rinse (with warm water) to help with healing. My one concern is if your dentist needs to place a removable appliance. That could become a chocking hazard in the event of a seizure. ¬†This is something you’ll need to talk over with your dentist.

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