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Can My Affordable Dental Implants Be Saved?

I was worried about the cost of dental implants and went to get a second opinion from a place that does all on four. They said it was the most affordable way for me to get dental implants.  They even took off a few thousand dollars to help me get within what financing I could get.  Now, they say one of the implants is failing and that means I have to replace them all. They’re also talking about bone grafting and other stuff that will cost a fortune. Am I stuck doing all these expensive procedures AND re-doing my implants?

Sandee – New Hampshire


I’m sorry for this experience. It’s unfortunate that whatever dentist you went to didn’t clarify the risks.  Though an all-on-4 procedure can cost a little less, you’re sometimes in danger of trying to save money by cutting corners. This can backfire, as you found out, because if one implant fails the whole procedure has to be re-done, at the greater expense of the patient.

Unfortunately, that’s the position you’ve been placed in.  They should have warned you this could happen. Bone grafting will be necessary as well. In order for the new implants to have support and stay where they belong, you need to build the bone structure back up.

If I were in your position, I’d get a second opinion before making any decisions. It could even be possible for the original implant to be saved. Plus, there are several ways to get affordable dental implants.

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Are Veneers Really Necessary For Dental Implants?

I need a second opinion. I’ve been wearing a two dental flipper for the last few years. My childhood dentist said when I was a little older I’d want to get dental implants. I’ve reached the age he suggested. I think he said my jaw needed to stop growing first. I’ve been calling around for affordable dental implants, because I’m a young adult with no parents so money doesn’t come easily. I did want a dentist who was known for good cosmetic work. He was. But, when I had my consultary appointment he said in order to have dental implants that matched, I’d need four porcelain veneers. One on either side of the two front teeth that need implants in order for them to match. If that’s really necessary I guess there’s nothing I can do about it. But, I won’t be able to get the implants any time soon. I’ll need to save up until I can also afford the veneers too. I’m disappointed because the flippers are a tad annoying.

Maddie R. – North Carolina


I have good news and bad news for you. First, the good news. You can definitely get dental implants without porcelain veneers. Now for the bad news. You’ll likely need to find another dentist to do it. You may have heard this dentist is good with cosmetics but I can assure you he’s not. I can tell you that just based on your comments above.

A good cosmetic dentist is able to match a single implant on a single tooth to the rest of your teeth. This dentist needs to give you a set of six restorations. That’s because he doesn’t have the skill to properly match them and will be making all six similar so it looks like he’s matched them.

I can understand why you find the flippers annoying. They’re meant to be temporary tooth replacements. Your childhood dentist was right to give them to you though. Your jaw did need to fully develop before you had implants placed. Though now that you’re ready, why stick with the temporaries?

Dental implants are much nicer tooth replacements. They’ll feel much like your natural teeth did before you lost them. They’re much more comfortable than the flippers too.

Be careful in finding “affordable dental implants“. You don’t want to confuse cheap with affordable. If you get a dentist who is less than skilled or who cuts corners to save money and increase his profits. That can end up costing you a small fortune both financially and with your health.

Because you want these replacements to last the rest of your life, I’d focus on finding a great dentist with a lot of training in successful cases in implants. Almost every dentist is willing to work with patients on payments.

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Reconsidering Affordable Dental Implants

I was just about to take the plunge and get affordable dental implants, but an experience my sister had has given me pause to doubt.  She went to this very reputable dentist in Mexico. His prices were so affordable, it was cheaper for her to cross the border and stay at a hotel several times. He’d studied in the U.S., had great reviews, and spoke fluent English. She was so excited to be saving thousands of dollars. The procedure seemed to go fine, then she suddenly had half her face swell up like a balloon. She went back. He gave her an antibiotic, but it didn’t work. Now she’s had to have them removed and she’s right back at the beginning without anything to show for it.  Is there no choice but to get expensive implants?

Brooke S. – Texas


I’m sorry for your sister’s experience. There are legitimate reasons dental implants cost more in the United States. We have much stricter standards for both the dentists and the parts they use in their procedures. Additionally, dentists are required to carry insurance.

I couldn’t tell you if the problem was the dentist,  or faulty material, or if everything was done properly but the procedure failed anyway. That even happens to the best of dentists. However, in Mexico, there are no regulations on the dentists, so even if it was his fault she’s got no real recourse unless the dentist just feels like giving her her money back.

However, there is a way to get affordable dental implants here in the United States where you’re much more likely to have a successful, sanitary procedure. Talk to your dentist about what affordable dental implant options are available for your particular case.

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An Affordable Dental Implant Dentist Ruined My Smile

I saw an ad for affordable dental implants visited the dentist to check it out. He seemed really confident and thought the procedure was just what I needed.  My lower two front teeth were loose and had been for some time. He priced out the surgery and placement of the posts/implants, the abutments, and the crowns for two teeth. He also suggested that I get extractions done right then and there, as well as something called “bone beads” to help me heal, which insurance did not cover. Six months of healing and no teeth, I went back for the surgery and he said he couldn’t do it without more procedures. He says I still don’t have enough bone and that I need gum treatments. He never told me about these needed procedures ahead of time. I have no teeth. My smile is ruined! How should I proceed?

Joshua W. – Austin, TX

Dear Joshua,

Warning bells rang when reading your message about affordable dental implants. First, it sounds like the reason your teeth were loose was never addressed. This is a huge concern. If it was due to periodontal disease, you wouldn’t have been a candidate for implants. That would have needed to have been brought under control first and would explain the need for additional “gum treatments” now.

The doctor should have discussed this with you from the start. There’s no telling if the teeth that were extracted could have been saved now that they’re gone, though the lack of information given to you is a huge concern.

Unfortunately, going forward, you probably do need other treatments before you can undergo the surgery and have your dental implants last. It’s a good idea to consult with another dentist before you do anything else, just to make sure you’re getting the right treatments.

There’s also no reason why you shouldn’t have been offered some form of temporary replacement teeth. It’s typical for an office to offer to create a flipper or partial denture, to prevent the other teeth from drifting, help maintain adequate space, for aesthetics, and so you can eat easier. This is still an option now. Book a consultation with another dentist or perhaps even two, to see where you stand.

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Dentures are Ruining My Life

I feel like I made a horrible mistake and I’m afraid there’s no remedy for it. I tried to find affordable dental implants and I came up short. Most of my teeth were shot, and the dentist told me all of my remaining upper teeth had to go. I really wanted to go with dental implants to replace them all, or at least the ones that show when I smile, but I wound up getting a denture to save on costs. I knew I wouldn’t be overly-thrilled with the aesthetics, but I had no idea this thing would ruin my life. It hurts. I can’t eat. I can’t talk. I can’t smile. The dentist says I’ll get used to it. No. I won’t. Now the time has passed and I’m afraid I’m stuck with this thing for life. I really wish I would have gotten another opinion or tried to save my remaining teeth. Any advice?


Dear Lauren,

I’m sorry for what you’re going through.  In some cases, people do adapt to their dentures over time. Equally, your gums may be sore for a while after extractions, and as time passes, you’ll feel better, too.

It’s possible adjustments can be made to your dentures, which may help the soreness. Sometimes, just smoothing out a small area can make a world of difference in making dentures feel better to wear. Though, admittedly, even the best fitting dentures reduce your chewing capacity by 50%.

As far as affordable dental implants go, you may have one more option. You can get something called a “snap-on denture,”  which relies on dental implants to hold the denture in place. This gives you a firmer hold than traditional dentures, but without the expense of a full set of implants. It often only takes two for it to work. Depending on your preferences, you can also have more placed, and have a partial denture designed to fit around them. Either method is less expensive than a full set, and will provide a better hold.

It’s also worth noting that dentures can look beautiful and natural. If you’re not happy with the appearance of your dentures, it may be worth having them remade by someone with better cosmetic skill.

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Made a HUGE mistake going to Mexico for Affordable Dental Implants

I thought I’d save $40,000 going to Mexico. I did detailed research about the dentist and even went to Mexico to meet him and check out his practice. First, the surgery took hours, and though he numbed me, he didn’t put me out at all. Then I had to wait nine months to get the implants placed. He kept saying it wasn’t ready. Now, I’ve finally got them, but I’m in a lot of pain and one of them is oozing a little. What do I do? I think I’ve made a huge mistake.

Belinda G. – Mississippi


Yep. That is a huge mistake, but take comfort in the fact that you’re definitely not the only person to make such a mistake trying to save money on dental implants. Even if you went back to Mexico and it turned out the dentist made a huge mistake in your treatment, you have no recourse. They’re on an arbitration system, which means it is up to the dentist whether he makes it right.

From what  you’ve described, you have an infection. This needs to be dealt with right away. I don’t think going back to Mexico for this is a good idea. Instead, I would see someone  who has a proven track record with dental implants here in the states.

There are better ways to get affordable dental implants.

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Are affordable dental implants safe?

I need to replace a few teeth, but the cost of dental implants is pretty high. My dentist told me you can get more affordable dental implants.   However, my friends feel like they’re not as safe. Would I be putting myself in danger if I got some?

Mary S. – Nevada


There are lots of different types of affordable dental implants. Most are perfectly safe. The danger comes with an inexperienced dentist. It takes a lot of training to do dental implants well, affordable or not.

I’d ask the dentist a few things.

  1. Where did they get their implant training? Once you find that out, make sure it’s a reputable school. The Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies, The Kois Center, Dawson Academy are a few really good ones.
  2. How many hours of training? Two hundred hours would be a decent number, where I’d expect they had the technical training.
  3. How many procedures have they done succesfully?

If they’re not willing to answer these questions for you, then I’d look for another dentist. There are dentists out there who will draw peole in with the affordable angle, but cut corners to make the same profit.

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Is Care Credit Legit?

I’ve been trying to find a way to afford dental implants. My dentist told me the pros and cons between those and dentures. I’ve got my heart set on dental implants, but they’re way beyond what I can pay outright. My dentist told me about something called Care Credit which will pay my dentist and then let me pay them out. Is that legit?

Micah L. – North Carolina


Yes, Care Credit is a legitimate business. It’s specifically for health care expenses. You can get low and even no interest payment plans.  It’s a great way to get affordable dental implants.

You’re right that dental implants are a much more ideal treatment than dentures, so I understand why your heart is set on that for a treatment.

Go ahead and apply. You’re safe with that company. Your dental office can likely help you navigate the paper work.

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Affordable Dental Implants

I’m down to three of my original teeth on the top of my mouth.  I got a partial denture to replace the missing teeth. Nobody told me that it could hurt my healthy teeth, but over time, one of the teeth that the partial clipped onto started to get loose, and now my dentist says it’s dead.

He can’t pinpoint exactly how it happened, but he thinks the partial is to blame, and says it happens that way sometimes. So, I’m stuck with getting a root canal and crown, but my dentist says he feels “guarded” about the long-term prognosis.   I’m ready to just have the last few teeth pulled and be done with it. Get a denture. My dentist says an implant denture might be a better way to go about it, but that doesn’t make sense to me. Won’t they fail just like my teeth did? They’re not exactly affordable dental implants if I wind up having to get a regular denture anyway.



Dear Bailey,

There are a couple of points that should probably be addressed here. Generally speaking, removable partials don’t kill or injure teeth. However, poorly-fitting ones can cause all sorts of issues.  In order for them to perform well, they need to evenly distribute the forces exerted upon them. If they aren’t made well to begin with or your anatomy changes, and they begin to rock or tug on the supporting teeth, they can cause damage. A root canal and crown may work for you for a considerable amount of time, provided you have a new partial made or the existing one is adjusted so it fits correctly.

As for affordable dental implants, the price has certainly come down over the years, and now that a denture can be secured with just a few, they’re an option for even more budgets. They’re made from a very strong metal, which bonds directly to the bone, and the system works just like the root of a tooth. The big difference is that they’re obviously not vital, or don’t have blood flow to them like a tooth does, so there’s no worry about one dying like a tooth can. However, it’s still important to make sure the denture fits properly, and evenly distributes biting forces across the affordable dental implants, to ensure their longevity. It’s definitely the kind of thing you want to make sure you see an experienced professional for, and not just any dentist.

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Serious infection after dental implants

I had several dental implants placed. I had called around to get the cheapest deal, but I think that was a mistake. Now I’ve got a serious infection. I went to get a second opinion as to what is going on,  They said the dentist put the implants directly into the sockets and that led to the infection. I’m going to have to have all the implants re-done, plus the infection is costing me additional problems. This is going to cost me a fortune. In fact, I’m going to have to take out a second mortgage.  Is the second dentist accurate? Was this caused by my first dentist?

Jeannie S. – Montana


I’m so sorry, Jeannine. Your story is not uncommon. Dental implant horror stories abound, especially in cases like yours where the  patient was looking for a good deal on dental implants.

Unfortunately, implants are an advanced, complicated procedure. Dentists who sell cheap implants often cut corners, as you’ve experienced with the dentist you went to.

It’s likely you’ll need bone grafting as well, which will cost you even more. Cheap implants are not affordable. There are ways to do implants more affordably, but still keep quality in mind, but it won’t be the cheapest you can find. As you’ve seen, that doesn’t tend to be cheap either.

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