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Snap-on Smile for bottom teeth?


I was wondering if a Snap-on Smile appliance can be used on the bottom teeth?

– Joel from Florida

The answer to your question is, yes, a Snap-on Smile can be used for your lower teeth. But there are some restrictions.

In the average bite the upper teeth overlap the lower teeth in front when the mouth is closed. Therefore, if you wore a Snap-on Smile on the lower teeth, then you will end up biting down directly onto the Snap-on Smile. This may also affect your bite by opening it more in the front of your  mouth. So if you were planning on wearing the Snap-on Smile for any length of time it may not be the best option for you. It may also cause some soreness in your jaw and may actually cause some drifting of your back teeth. Generally speaking, it would actually be better to find a solution to treat your entire arch on the bottom versus only treating the front, bottom teeth. That said, there are always variations from patient to patient. Be sure to consult with your dentist before you make the investment.

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Snap-On Smile

I am looking for an affordable way to fix my teeth. I have some spacing between my teeth and I know I won’t be able to afford high-dollar cosmetic dentistry. Is there anything out there that may work to make my teeth look straight? I’m hoping for a quick fix. Maybe in the same price range as dentures?

– Abby from New Jersey


There is an affordable treatment to dramatically improve the look of your teeth called “Snap-On Smile“. It is a fraction of the cost of expensive cosmetic dentistry techniques and it will temporarily fix the spaces between your teeth. Also, cosmetic dentistry requires extensive training beyond dental school and with Snap-On Smile, any dentist should be able to do it. To begin you will need to select the shade and style that you want. Then an impression is taken of your teeth and sent to a laboratory so they can customize the Snap-On Smile to fit snugly over your teeth.

Simply snap it into place and remove it whenever you want. Again, this is a temporary solution that will likely last approximately three to five years. This treatment costs about $1,000-$1,500. This truly is an affordable way to fix your smile when the cost of one porcelain veneer comes in right around the same cost.

Tooth bonding is another option for you that is inexpensive. Although, this all depends on your specific case and how many spaces you have. With direct dental bonding the dentist will apply composite to each side of the tooth to fill the space. A color will be used to match your existing tooth color perfectly. This kind of work requires a trained cosmetic dentist since artistic ability is required to blend the bond seamlessly to your other teeth. Tooth bonding will also last longer than a Snap-On Smile.

I hope this information was helpful and you find a treatment that fits into your budget.

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How much will the Snap-On Smile cost?


I have been learning more about the Snap-On Smile method that temporary can makeover a smile. Can you tell me how much this will cost? I really don’t want to go to the trouble of going in for an appointment just to find out I can’t afford it. Do you know if they have monthly payment options? If I can make it work into my budget, I have five teeth in the front and four in the back on either side that I would like to improve the appearance of. It would be really nice to know what kind of costs to expect before I go in.



It is difficult to give a cost estimate on any kind of dental procedure without an examination. That is why as a general rule of thumb dentists hesitate to provide fee quotes over the phone or on the web. Often times, they will do their best to give you an estimate and then after they conduct an in-office exam they find several unforeseen issues. Unfortunately this makes the patient upset since the actual price is higher than what was quoted over the phone.

What might be helpful is a general ballpark price. Many dentists are just starting to offer the Snap-On Smile since they are becoming quite popular. I would say that dentist’s costs could range anywhere from $800 to $1600 for an entire arch of teeth. The cost would be less for only the front six, running between $500 to $1000.  The laboratory, Den-Mat Corporation, has their own fees and so does the dentist. So the estimates are based on these two services combined.

Most dentists will fall somewhere in that range depending on their experience and comfort level. For example, if they are particularly sensitive to your comfort and adjusting them multiple times, the cost will be on the higher end. If they are trying to keep costs down to be as efficient as possible, then it will be closer to the lower end of the spectrum. Another thing to consider is where you are located in the country.

I still recommend going in for a consultation and evaluation so you can make an educated decision based on a specific quote. Hope this information was useful. The Snap-On Smile is significantly cheaper than many other cosmetic dentistry services.