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I’ve been on tetracycline for acne. My dentist told me there are some stains are on the back of my teeth. Is this from the Tetracycline?

Cathy- Alabama


Generally tetracycline stains your teeth when they are still being formed, so I would be surprised. Generally you need to be under 13 for that to happen. You didn’t mention your age.  However, there is a study that showed that a variety of tetracycline called  minocycline can cause stains in teeth after they’re already formed.

If that is the case you’ll need to do extensive teeth whitening to get rid of the stains.

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Do I need to replace my fillings for whitening?

I have silver fillings on my teeth, but want to get them whitened. How do I go about it?

Drake L. from El Dorado, AR


First, I need to double check something. Are you saying you want to whiten your fillings or your teeth?  There is no way to whiten fillings, but you can change them and whiten your teeth. You can get your silver (amalgam) fillings changed for mercury free fillings, also known as white fillings. They can be made to match your tooth color exactly. However, you’ll want to whiten your teeth first so that your dentist can match the color you’ll want to keep permanently.

This blog is brought to you by Lafayette dentist Dr. John Theriot.