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Why Is My CEREC Crown Ugly?

I was pushed to get a CEREC crown. In doing the “sales pitch”, I kept hearing how far superior they are because they’re milled by computer. Supposedly, that makes them more accurate. Yet, my CEREC crown is ugly. It doesn’t match my other teeth. The color is off and flat. Is this the computer genius accuracy I’d been touted?

Loren N. – Pennsylvania


First, I want to say I hate that you felt pushed into a procedure. This isn’t how dentistry is supposed to work. The dentist should give the pros and cons of all your options and leave the choice to you. Feeling so pushed into a procedure is bad form on the part of your dentist.

Next, I’m going to defend the CEREC machine for just a second. The problem isn’t the machine–It’s the dentist.  The machine mills the crown, yes. But, the coloring of the crown is done by your dentist.

If the color doesn’t match, it’s on him (or her). You can ask him to do it again, especially if it doesn’t match. If it’s a front tooth, you might consider a traditional crown. CEREC crowns are milled out of a single block of porcelain. That will make it hard to keep the same natural translucency you’d get out of a traditional crown that can be made from several different pieces of porcelain.

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Serious infection after dental implants

I had several dental implants placed. I had called around to get the cheapest deal, but I think that was a mistake. Now I’ve got a serious infection. I went to get a second opinion as to what is going on,  They said the dentist put the implants directly into the sockets and that led to the infection. I’m going to have to have all the implants re-done, plus the infection is costing me additional problems. This is going to cost me a fortune. In fact, I’m going to have to take out a second mortgage.  Is the second dentist accurate? Was this caused by my first dentist?

Jeannie S. – Montana


I’m so sorry, Jeannine. Your story is not uncommon. Dental implant horror stories abound, especially in cases like yours where the  patient was looking for a good deal on dental implants.

Unfortunately, implants are an advanced, complicated procedure. Dentists who sell cheap implants often cut corners, as you’ve experienced with the dentist you went to.

It’s likely you’ll need bone grafting as well, which will cost you even more. Cheap implants are not affordable. There are ways to do implants more affordably, but still keep quality in mind, but it won’t be the cheapest you can find. As you’ve seen, that doesn’t tend to be cheap either.

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What is an emergency?

Can you tell me what would constitute a dental emergency? I’m in so much pain, but I don’t have a tooth knocked out or anything. Is it possible to go to a weekend emergency dentist just for pain?

Olivia- Maryland


Pain definitely counts as an emergency. I would do a search for an emergency dentist. Tell them what is going on. Many of them can see your right away. Others will work you in that day.

When they see you they’ll be able to get you out of pain and diagnose what is causing the pain. It will probably take a secondary visit, either with them or your normal dentist, to fix the root source of the problem.

If you can’t reach anyone, get back with me.

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Another tooth infection

I think I have another tooth infection on a root canal I had done several years ago. The dental crown that goes over the root broke inside the root. Now all that is left is this hole and I’m suffering from serious pain! I also am having bleeding in the hole when I tried to replace the tooth. Do you think this is another tooth infection? It hurts and throbs on my gum both inside and out. Sometimes it even feels like the pain is radiating up into my right check. Do I need an antibiotic? Should I get in to see my dentist? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

– Kristi from Kansas,


It is hard to understand exactly the issue you are experiencing based on the description you provided. Although, based on where the pain seems to be coming from, it does sound like you may have a tooth infection. Schedule an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible.

If an old root canal is exposed, the cement that holds it in place can deteriorate. Over time saliva can break it down and this leaves your tooth vulnerable to infection again. This may be the case for you. During a root canal procedure a temporary filling is put in place for protection. If the temporary fails or if your permanent filling or dental crown breaks then the material is exposed to saliva and food particles. I would consider this a dental emergency in that you need to get to your dentist within a couple days before the infection reoccurs.

In regard to the description of your pain, it is possible that the pain can migrate to your eye or even all the way to your brain. This is very serious and can even be life threatening. Also, antibiotics can help control the infection, but the medication alone will not heal the infection. The tooth must be treated otherwise the infection will likely come back and may build an immunity to the antibiotic. Root canals are very serious and require immediate attention.

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Child’s baby teeth won’t fall out

I have a child that is six years old now. His permanent teeth have erupted and are in, but the baby teeth won’t fall out. They haven’t even begun to get loose yet. What do I do? Do I wait for them to get loose or do I have them extracted? I have been putting it off because I figured they would eventually fall out.

– Tina from Nebraska


If they are not loose and you cannot get them out yourself, then it’s time to take him into the dentist. If the permanent teeth are in, the baby teeth can affect the way the permanent teeth are developing.

Good luck.

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